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Join us as we reinvent startup fundraising.

Investibles are a powerful collaboration technology

As we have seen in the last 2 years, NFTs can be used to bring people together, to raise funds, to align incentives, and to create new kinds of organisations.
But why shouldn’t they also be used to fund startups?

legal framework

Raising funding via Investibles without a sound legal framework is risky. We substantially reduce the legal uncertainty that comes from funding a startup with Investibles.


Most of the technical infrastructure in existence is focused on arts rather than startups. We provide a fully tech’ed out funding process that makes sense for startups.

demand aggregation

Marketing is a critical element of crowdfunding. As our own platform grows, our community of interested investors will grow with it, bringing attention to your Investibles.

our team

Daniel Tenner (aka @swombat) has been a serial entrepreneur for 15 years, worked with hundreds of startup founders in his previous business (GrantTree), and has been a thought leader in web3/NFTs since 2021.

Mark McKenzie (aka @mrkmcknz) started his first business in 2012. He is cofounder of the Megapont project and founder of, and a keen web3 technologist.

Wolfgang Richter is a Finance lawyer and economist with deep expertise across the financial industry, lately focusing on FinTech, blockchain and crypto currencies.

Bob Leung started his first business in 2007, has built, operated and exited multiple businesses, and specialises in product design, UX, and the tricky art of scaling teams and organisations.

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Swombat’s ethics are unparalleled in the web3 space. He has a strong desire to do good in the world and add meaningful value to people and projects. His deep experience running startups gives him a rare perspective on web3: ambitious, optimistic, experimental, yet pragmatic.


NFT Founder (ZenAcademy)

I am excited to see what Mark builds next. He’s a great builder who understands both web2 and web3 and applies pragmatic thinking to complex onboarding issues we all need to solve in web3.


NFT Founder (Momentify)

Swombat is an experienced entrepreneur who also gets web3, without getting lost in it. Whatever he’s building, I’m interested.


NFT Founder (Llamaverse)